LetImpact Elite by Team LetX Review-Double Your Sales With Viral Contests and Convert Visitors 3X Faster! An All-In-One Application That Displays Auto-Generated Social Proof!

LetImpact Elite by Team LetX-Double Your Sales With Viral Contests and Convert Visitors 3X Faster! An All-In-One Application That Displays Auto-Generated Social Proof!

LetImpact Elite by Team LetX. Double Your Sales With Viral Contests and Convert Visitors 3X Faster! An All-In-One Application That Displays Auto-Generated Social Proof! LetImpact Elite by Team LetX, Empower Consumers To Do Your Marketing For you! Double Your List With Viral Contests! Word-of-mouth marketing is one of the most effective ways of spreading news fast. Viral Contests uses this type of marketing in the most effective way, by asking every participant to share the viral contest with friends in order to win a valuable prize. Viral Contests engage people to take action and follow up on campaigns, while they get closer to a winning. Willingness to share content will be high!

LetImpact Elite by Team LetX will Convert Visitors 3X Faster With Social Proof! People are afraid of doing anything new. Attempting new things always requires courage as you Don’t know what you might face in the future. Following the crowd gives you the cushion of comfort to do mistakes. As Humans, we are herd animals. Herd animals protect themselves from predators by hiding in the crowd. If you are in a herd, and you see a lion, you don’t have to run faster than a lion, you just have to run faster than the next guy. In the long run, the entire herd benefits because the slower ones get selected out. Overtime, we have established social norms that encourage herd behavior, and discourage going against the flow. Here is where this type of Social Proof Converts your visitors into contest participants, and contest participants into buyers!

Check Here:

LetImpact Elite by Team LetX-Double Your Sales With Viral Contests and Convert Visitors 3X Faster! An All-In-One Application That Displays Auto-Generated Social Proof!

LetImpact Elite by Team LetX
LetImpact Elite by Team LetX
LetImpact Elite by Team LetX
LetImpact Elite by Team LetX

Easy Step:

Step 1:
Create your Viral Contest Page!

Step 2:
Add Social Proof To Your Pages!

Step 3:
Double Your Revenues!


  • Viral Contests
    Put your list building on auto-pilot with viral contest pages and social proof!
  • Intelligent Call-Out Optimizer
    Based on your objective, LetImpact optimizes your Call-Out for you! Simply select on what type of page you want to display the Call-Outs!
  • Call-Out Preview
    Edit your call out the way you want to show them to your visitors and see directly the result on the Call Out Preview window.
  • Animate Your Call-Outs
    Use any of the 5 Call-Outs that you can choose to put MORE Display Power on your pages with this version of LetImpact.
  • Time Settings
    You choose when to display the call out, how long they are displayed and how much time passes between two call-outs.
  • Redirect To Any URL
    LetImpact Call-Outs are Clickable. Use this click wisely and move any visitor closer to the sale!
  • Software as a Service
    LetImpact is a clowd based service. You have nothing to install, just use your login credentials and you are ready to go!
  • Mobile, Tablet & Desktop Compliant
    LetImpact Call-Outs are shown on mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktops. Any device will work with LetImpact!
  • List Building
    LetImpact captures all the data that your visitor enters. This way you can sit back and enjoy list building on auto pilot!
  • Reporting
    Analyze any campaign by checking out the LetImpact Reporting feature, so you can optimize your running campaigns.
  • Click Enticer Module
    Use the LetImpact advanced Click Enticer Module to create images to show on your call-out that lets any visitor CLICK!
  • Simple Install
    Just copy/paste one line of code into the <Head> and you are done!
  • LIFETIME Access
    Just pay a one-time fee now and use LetImpact for a lifetime. No strings attached!

What it can do:

  • Setup Viral Pages in Minutes!
    Add your contest details with ease and customize your contest pages with your background choice, and color settings that match your branding. Use images, videos, and custom links to make your contests irresistible! With Pre-Made email messages and Done-For-You Terms & Conditions, you are quickly up and running!
  • Simply Install The LetImpact Pixel!
    To install your LetImpact Social Proof Call-Outs, you simply copy the Pixel Code from the LetImpact Dashboard into the <Head> tag of your page or let your page administrator install it for you.
  • Optimize Your Notification!
    LetImpact builds Call Out Notifications based on the type of page where you want to have the Call Out appear. Our Technology Optimizes your Call Outs over time. The more detailed your response, the better your proof will perform.
  • CALL-OUT Preview!
    You can design the Call Out using the Call Out Preview window. Adjust the Call Out to accommodate your wishes, and see how the call out will appear on your page. Implement the right phrase for your call out that shows your page visitor what activities took place, and you want him/her to follow! Here are some examples:- Recently started a free trial.
    – Recently bought [Your Product].
    – Recently subscribed to [Your List].
    – Recently downloaded [Your Free Report]
    – Recently watched my free [Your Video].
  • Choose Your Favorite Animation!
    LetImpact provides a variety of animations for your Call-Out.
    Simply select your animation, out of the 5 provided in this version and check the preview window to choose your favorite one. You can also determine where the Call-Out Notification appears on your page, bottom-right, bottom-left, top-right or top-left!
  • Call-Out Time Settings!
    You can determine when the first Call-Out appears on your page and how long the Call-Out notification will display. Also set the time for the following notification to appear on the screen. You can set these times in seconds. You can also choose to disregard old records. For example, records that are older then 3 days should not be displayed anymore. Clickable Call-Outs To Any URL! You can make Call-Outs Clickable and redirect the user to any URL you choose! Redirect to you Order Page, Special Offer, Squeeze Page, Download Page, any page that gets you closer to the SALE!
  • Display Call-Outs Anywhere on Mobile or Desktop!
    Call-Out notifications will be displayed on mobile and desktop. You have the option to disable Call-Outs on Mobile if you prefer. LetImpact is a web based service, so you can change any settings in your LetImpact Dashboard wherever you’re at, and at any time.
  • Easily Capture User Activity!
    With LetImpact you can easily Capture all user data required for your Call-Out Notifications. You will capture name, email address, geographical location, the exact time of the activity, and set the status for a record. You can manually disable certain records if you choose not to display them on your website as per your discretion. Once you switch off a record, it will no longer be displayed!
  • Campaign Reporting!
    With campaign reports you can analyze your Social Proof Campaigns. See the setup of your campaign at a glance. The page on which the campaign is being displayed, how the activity is being recorded, and from which location the activity is being recorded.Easily analyze the number of visitors to your campaign, the number of records tracked for display in your Call Out Notifications, and the number of clicks on your notifications during your campaign.

Check Here:

LetImpact Elite by Team LetX-Double Your Sales With Viral Contests and Convert Visitors 3X Faster! An All-In-One Application That Displays Auto-Generated Social Proof!

LetImpact Elite by Team LetX
LetImpact Elite by Team LetX
LetImpact Elite by Team LetX
LetImpact Elite by Team LetX
LetImpact Elite by Team LetX

Product Funnel:

Front End Product-LetImpact

OTO 1-LetImpact Pro (Platinum Version)

LetImpact Pro, Platinum Version. Build Your List 3X Faster, With The unlimited power of pro features! with letimpact pro you can display your call-outs to Unlimited Visitors and on 5 extra domains! And you don’t even have to wait for activities to take place on your pages. Simply upload your activity to LetImpact and off to the Races, making More Sales and creating a Bigger List! But Wait! Here is a feature you are going to Love! Because LetImpact even lets you Record Uncompleted Forms. As soon as a visitor has entered their email, LetImpact has captured and recorded it! How’s that for List Building on Steroids! And with our extra design features, you don’t have to be concerned about your call-outs being noticed! You Control The Call-Out With Multiple Design, Animation and Click Through Options!

OTO 2-LetImpact Agency (Platinum Version)

LetImpact Agency, Platinum Version. Become An Agent With LetImpact Agency-Version! Setup a separate domain for your client, so their campaigns can be created separately from your own campaigns. Just follow the easy install steps that LetImpact provides. Create a new campaign for your client using all LetImpact Pro Features. Create a separate Login For Your Client, so he can see all the results you are getting by checking the reports section, or create his own links. Remember You Will Get: Obtain Full Agency Rights! Create Multiple Lists For Various Customer Campaigns! Create Multiple Users For Your Client and/or Virtual Assistant!    Receive the LetClicks Client Presentation for Your Sales Calls! Obtain Our Invoice Template That You Can Use For Billing Your Clients! Receive The Work Agreement We Use To Contract New Clients! Get a DFY Website To Sell LetClicks To Your Clients! Receive the Email Swipes That We Use To Prospect New Clients! Lifetime Access.

Video Demo:


Join Our Exclusive VIP Facebook Group!
Learn The Best From Your Peers! Exclusive Facebook Membership! Connect with like minded Facebook and email marketers, entrepreneurs, agencies, and other LetImpact users! Strategize with the best in the field and get advice from your peers to get better and consistent results from LetImpact.

Get LetImpact WordPress Plugin!
Integrate With WordPress Super Fast!
We are including a WordPress Plugin for easy integration of your LetImpact Version. Simply download the plugin and upload it to your WordPress site and your are done. It doesn’t get any easier than this!

Get LetReach Standard Edition Suite!
Re-engage Your Visitors With LetReach Browser Push Notifications!
LetReach is a full featured web push notification platform which helps in re-engaging users to website. It includes Geo Targeting, Detailed Reporting and Works on both HTTP and HTTPS website and much more features.

Get LetSocify Standard Edition Suite!
Re-engage Your Visitors With LetSocify Facebook Push Notifications!
LetSocify is a Facebook notification tool which helps to deliver notifications right into your users Facebook Notification Inbox.

Get LetSharer – One Click Facebook Posts !
Clickable Facebook Photo Posts!
With this Photo Link creator, you can pull hundreds of Facebook users to your pages with a single Click. This tool allows you to take any link and add it to an image post on Facebook, add any text you want, add a re-targeting Pixel, redirect users to any URL you choose.


“Excellent Viral Upgrade in LetImpact!”
“Thanks for adding real value! The viral concept and its use is crucial in my business model, as we lead with some amazing value!”-Todd Bradley(Online Entrepreneur)

“My Top Tools For Marketing Success!”
“I own LetClicks, LetSocify and LetImpact products. I must admit they are my top tools for marketing success! Thanks to Team LetX”-Paul Bergquist(Online Entrepreneur)

LetImpact Elite by Team LetX. To maximize your click performance on your Call-Out Notifications, you can use LetImpact’s Image Editor to entice your page visitors to click your notifications. You can choose to put a play button on your call out, easily doubling your click through rates when applied. How the image appears on your Call-Out can be easily seen from the preview notification.

Check Here:

LetImpact Elite by Team LetX-Double Your Sales With Viral Contests and Convert Visitors 3X Faster! An All-In-One Application That Displays Auto-Generated Social Proof!

Product Funnel:

Front End Product-LetImpact

OTO 1-LetImpact Pro (Platinum Version)

OTO 2-LetImpact Agency (Platinum Version)



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